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Are You tired of the global elite playing the game?
Are you up for hacking the matrix in your favor?
Join Our HiveMind Memetic Army!

#NyxsGame Presents
A Memetic Metaverse Experience

Dive into the universe of the internet urban legends and ARG GALORE! Expand the egregore by creating, #HackReality with our tools!

Tarot NFT Card Game

<— Mock Example of a card.

Players will obtain cards for FREE! All they will have to do is get a daily tarot card read.

Complete puzzles, go down the rabbit hole, unlock more cards!

Test your magickal skillz; challenge others in a competitive card game experience.

Development Phases

Dive into the universe of the internet urban legends and ARG GALORE! Expand the egregore by creating, #HackReality with our tools! Below you can find our development timeline goals.

  • Phase 0: Fundraising
    • Estimated Timeline: May 23, 2023
    • Early Betatesting access
    • Fundraising items:
      • Single Tarot Card up to full tarot deck purchases (All tarot cards can be obtained for free, thus it’s more like early access to the cards plus the rarity will be boosted for future collectable value).
    • Tarot Cards and Reads will only be available when phase 1 is closer.
  • Phase 1: Basic Tarot Card Reads with Puzzle 1 Completed
    • Estimated Timeline: DEC 2023 / FEB 2024
    • Granting a player a daily card from their read.
    • Fundraising will still be going on for those to test the tarot reading system.
      • Players already involved with the core ARG groups will automatically be given credits to help test out the tarot reading system. (No purchase required, however the purchases will just grant higher rarity cards + more frequent tests.)
    • Public gets access to puzzle 1, which hopefully will get players involved with the ARG lore/world.
  • Phase 2: Puzzle 2, Tarot Reads publicly open for all for free
    • Estimated Timeline: MAY 2024 / OCT 2024
    • Puzzle 2 ready
    • Public can now claim a free daily Tarot NFT via tarot reading system.
    • Playtesting for mini-games with NFT Cards while core competitive game is being developed.
  • Phase 3: Puzzle 3, First few mini-games using the Tarot cards + any other NFT cards gained while in our ARG universe.
    • Estimated Timeline: DEC 2024 / FEB 2025
    • Puzzle 3 ready
    • Players can now have a few minigames to use their cards with outside of just obtaining a tarot read or using cards as part of the puzzle elements.
    • Crafting system testing
  • Phase 4: Puzzle 4, Crafting System
    • Estimated Timeline: MAY 2025 / OCT 2025
    • Puzzle 4 ready
    • Crafting system ready
    • Continued Development in core card game
  • Phase 5: Private Playtesting Core Card Game Client
    • Estimated Timeline: DEC 2025 / FEB 2026
    • Accepting playtesters for for the core card game
    • Puzzle 5 ready
  • Phase 6: Public Beta / Playtesting
    • Estimated Timeline: MAY 2026 / OCT 2026
    • More than likely will be on a testnet chain for those to try out the game without obtaining anything.
    • Puzzle 6 ready
  • Phase 7: Launch
    • Estimated Timeline: DEC 2026 / FEB 2027
    • Launch core card game!
    • Puzzle 7 ready

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