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How should human conduct be framed? The unified theory of psychology says that people are animals who make “behavioral investments,” primates who are influenced by others in a relational matrix, and individuals who make justifications in a sociocultural context.

One of the more common attributes people know these behavioral laws as: The Law of Attraction, The Law of Action, and The Law of Reaction. I’m gonna do my best to map this updated idea from the new unified theory of psychology.

The Law of Attraction

In accordance with the Law of Attraction, one is said to attract whatever it is that one dwells upon most frequently. If you think more positive things, then more positive things will come your way; whereas if you think more negative things, then more negative things will come your way.

Unified Law: The Law of Influence

Evolution has prepared us with a rich relationship system that frames our motivations and emotions in the relational world. According to the unified theory, we can frame this “law of influence” by the way we track our level of social influence and relational value. Our relational system tracks the dimensions of:

  • competitive power
    • the relational poles of dominance and submission
  • freedom and engagement
    • the relational poles of autonomy and dependence
  • cooperative love
    • the relational poles of affiliation and hostility

My Take on Attraction & Influence

Like attracts like, according to the law of attraction; our thoughts and deeds have an effect on the world, according to the law of influence. We often can see conflicts when we have one set of thoughts but wish to obtain something else in life.

That being said, for those seeking to change, we will have to change our thoughts to create the influence onto the real world.

The Law of Action

The physical universe is governed by the law of action. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction, as the adage goes.

Unified Law: The Law of Investments

According to the unified theory of psychology, we can frame the principles that make up the “law” of behavioral investment in terms of:

  • energy economics
  • evolution
  • behavioral genetics
  • neurocomputational control in the organism
  • learning
  • developmental life history

The social and relational matrix consists of the way human behavior investments and values affect their relational world.

My Take on Action & Investments

The principle that individuals act in accordance with their own wants and desired outcomes (The Law of Action). And According to “The Law of Investments” people put forth effort into endeavors they believe will lead them closer to their goals.

Basically, if you want it, put in the effort/investment towards the goal!

The Law of Reaction

The rate of a chemical reaction is found to be proportional to the concentration of the reactants, as stated by the law of reaction.

Unified Law: The Law of Justification

Only humans engage in the third law, which is justification, while other animals invest and influence each other in systematic ways. Propositional languages give rise to justification processes, and humans are the only known animals to construct their own justification structures. As a result of our evolved justification systems and technological capabilities, human societies stand apart from those of other animals.

My Take on Reaction & Justification

In accordance with the law of justification, which is a psychological principle, people will often attempt to rationalize their actions and decisions after the fact. The notion known as “the law of reaction” states that individuals will respond to situations in ways that are congruent with their own personal set of core values and principles. The two laws are similar because they both explain how people justify their decisions and behaviors.

You can break free from justifications that trap you but working harder on the reactions we have to the events in our lives. Try mindfulness meditation to help work on reaction control. But don’t beat yourself up if you reacted poorly, just be mindful of the state of emotions and thoughts that lead you to certain justifications.


Ultimately, investment, influence, and justification are potent ways to characterize and explain human behavior. They are so potent that they may even be “laws,” at least in the broad, dynamic sense of being able to contain the complexities of human action.


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